Old Habits Die Hard

Food is what attracted many to Bali Jatra. The range of eatables was wide. “Dahibara and aloo dum sold the most. Thunkapuri was in great demand too. No trip was complete without a taste of both. Regional delicacies from across the state were served from separate stalls. We gorged on Chhenajhili from Nimapara and bara from Dhenkanal. Chowmein, which seem to be popular these days, had not arrived on the scene then,” says Golak Mishra, an octogenarian of Chandini Chowk in Cuttack. More than 50 years later, food continued to be a big draw at the jatra. The menu has gone bigger and fancier though. If health permits, he still visits the fair, to have dahibara. “You get it around the year in Cuttack, but the joy of having it there is special,” he says. Well, like they say old habits die hard.

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