Oops! This Photoshop Special Effect In Amitabh Bachchan Ad Went A Tad Far

New Delhi: Social media users always seem to be on high alert to look for loopholes, flaws and oversights, especially when it comes to Bollywood stars. What is more, they don’t hesitate in pointing it out.

After an Army officer pointing out what is wrong in the image of the khukri in Akshay Kumar’s poster of ‘Gorkha’, it is Big B’s turn.

In a recent newspaper ad on the wedding collection of a jewellery company, the brand ambassador, Amitabh Bachchan, was seen posing with another female star, Pooja Sawant. Overlooking the jewellery collection, what caught the hawk’s eye of a Twitter user was the faulty editing.

In the ad, Bachchan is seen embracing Sawant to portray a father-daughter duo. However, his hands on Sawant’s shoulder seem way out of place. “Anyone notice Daddy long hands going too faaar,” Twitter user @yadsul wrote. Rating it 1 out of 10, the user poke fun at the creators of the ad for their hilarious gaffe.

Although the user assumed that Sawant was a model and tweeted, “Is it because the model is not a film star and Big B didn’t want to pose with her,” In reality, she is a popular Marathi actor.

Although people were quick to inform the Twitter user about her wrong assumption, they couldn’t ignore the case of a faulty Photoshop. While some wondered if it was a scheduling conflict or done remotely owing to the pandemic, others said it’s really not expected from big brands.

It soon led to some hilarious reactions as well. Check out what Tweeple said:

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