Overseas Indians Largest Migrant Community In World: UN


Indians living overseas comprised the largest number of international migrants with a 17.5 million strong community in 2019, according to the latest estimates released by the United Nations.

The International Migrant Stock 2019, a dataset released by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), said the number of migrants globally had reached an estimated 272 million.

The data provides the latest estimates of the number of international migrants by age, sex and origin for all countries. The estimates are based on official national statistics on foreign-born or foreign population obtained from population censuses, population registers or nationally representative surveys.

Migrants from Mexico constituted the second largest diaspora with 11.8 million, followed by China–10.7 million, Russia–10.5 million, Syria–8.2 million, Bangladesh–7.8 million, Pakistan–6.3 million, Ukraine–5.9 million, the Philippines–5.4 million and Afghanistan–5.1 million, PTI reported.

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