Pakistan Navy Kills Indian Fisherman Off Gujarat Coast

Okha: One fisherman was killed and another injured when Pakistan marine commandos opened fire on Indian fishermen near the Gujarat coast on Sunday afternoon.

According Times Now and India TV reports, Pakistani officers opened fire on a boat named ‘Jalpari’ near Okha town in Gujarat’s Dwarka.

Witnesses and sources were quoted as saying that six fishermen of the boat were kidnapped and the boat later seized by Pakistani marine.

There have been several skirmishes between Indian and Pakistan Army in border areas, along the Line of Control. Such incidents involving the Navy of the two countries have been few and far between.

However, terrorists who orchestrated the deadly 26/11 attacks in 2008 did take the sea route to enter Mumbai. Ten men, including Ajmal Kasab, came ashore in inflatable speedboats at two locations around 8 pm. Confronted by local fishermen, who asked them about their identity, the gang asked to mind their own business and split up in two groups.

About 175 people – including nine terrorists — were killed in a dozen shooting and bombing incidents across the city over four days.

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