Path-Breaking: Artificial Intelligence Used To Remove Blood Clots From Lung

New Delhi: The ills and advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) have been a topic of huge debate and discussion.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) sounded a warning recently, saying that around 40% of jobs are likely to be impacted globally due to AI.

If that is a major cause of concern, the other side of AI sheds a bright light.

Narendra Singh, a 62-year-old patient, who had a blood clot in his lung and in a deep vein in his leg, was treated using Artificial Intelligence technology at Gurugram’s Medanta Hospital recently.

Penumbra Flash 12 F Catheter, an AI-driven device, was applied to remove the clots in the course of endovascular procedures.

According to doctors, it’s a ‘ground-breaking technology’ which minimises blood loss, reduces complications like anaemia and hastens recovery. The other advantage is that this procedure is done with local anaesthesia.

“Instead of opening the chest and the arteries, you can suck out the blood clots. The AI aspect is where you can suck out the clots without sucking out the blood. In the past we would have to do a major operation, and there would be an element of risk as well,” explained Dr Naresh Trehan, cardiologist and Chairman of Medanta Hospital.

A pilot by profession, Narendra was admitted to the hospital room with shortness of breath, sudden leg pain and swelling.

“Using the Penumbra Flash 12 F catheter, the blood clots were removed. This approach navigated complex veins and provided immediate relief from pain and swelling. The patient was cleared for discharge within 48 days with follow-up treatment instructions,” said Dr Tarun Grover, who performed the procedure.

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