Person Who Does Good Work Never Gets Respect, Says Nitin Gadkari On Indian politics

New Delhi: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, while speaking at an event to recognise parliamentarians for their exceptional contributions, remarked that irrespective of the ruling political party, individuals who excelled often didn’t receive due recognition, while those who underperformed often escaped consequences.

He emphasised that his statement was not aimed at any particular individuals.

“I always say this jokingly that no matter which party’s government it is, one thing is sure, that the one who does good work never gets respect and those who do bad work are never punished,” the PTI quoted him as saying.

He also said that such “deterioration in ideology” did not bode well for a democracy.”

Gadkari voiced apprehension about opportunistic leaders eager to maintain ties with the ruling party of the moment. He emphasised that although there were politicians grounded in their principles, their ranks were dwindling over time. “There are people who stand firm with conviction based on their ideology, but the number of such people is declining. And this deterioration in ideology, which is happening, is not good for democracy,” he said.

The senior BJP leader added, “Neither rightist nor leftist, we are known opportunists, some people write like this. And all want to remain associated with the ruling party.”

“Publicity and popularity are necessary but how they work for the people in their respective constituencies is more important than what they speak in Parliament,” he further added.

“Today I feel that our democracy is going to be very strong after so long…. We all have the responsibility to raise the dignity and respect of Parliament,” he concluded.

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