Pfizer Begins Vaccine Trial On Children

Washington: Pfizer Inc and German partner BioNTech SE have started testing their COVID-19 vaccine on children aged under 12. Pfizer is hoping to start vaccination of children by early 2022.

The first volunteers of the early-phase trial were given jabs on Wednesday. The trial includes children aged just 6 months. A total of 144 children will be tested with 3 different dosages – 10, 20 and 30 micrograms. Later trials will involve 4,500 people.

Currently, the vaccine is approved for people aged 16 and above.

About 66 million doses have been administered in the US so far.

The other approved mRNA vaccine Moderna recently started a trial on children.

Pfizer has tested the vaccine on people aged 12-16 and that data will be available soon, the company said.

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