Pilot Crisis: Now, Akasa Air Plans To Sue Aviation Regulator DGCA For Inaction

New Delhi: Akasa Air has accused Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of not intervening to address the abrupt resignation of more than 40 pilots.

In a 265-page legal filing submitted a week ago, Akasa Air has accused the DGCA of being “unwilling to take any action,” causing “significant financial and operational hardship” and a detrimental “reputational loss”, Reuters reported.

The sudden mass resignation of pilots has forced Akasa Air to cancel around 18% of its monthly schedule of 3,500 flights in August. The flight cancellations are continuing in September too.

Akasa Air, which is taking legal action against pilots who have quit without serving the mandatory notice period, is now suing the aviation regulator for not intervening in the public interest to mitigate the disruptions.

The low-cost airline said that DGCA’s inaction has had a broader negative impact on the stability of entire Indian aviation sector.

DGCA hasn’t commented on Akasa Air’s plan to sue it, and is expected to respond during the next court hearing.

Akasa Air had told Delhi High Court in the previous hearing that it may have to shut down operations if the pilot exodus continues. Akasa CEO Vinay Dube, however, assured employees that the airline would not shut down.

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