Practise These Yoga Asanas To Boost Your Battle Against COVID-19

Bhubaneswar: “When the invisible coronavirus had knocked the world, then no country was prepared for it, either by means, strength and by mental state. We all have seen that in such difficult times, Yoga has become a great medium of self-confidence and health,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on the occasion of International Day Of Yoga on Monday.

True to his words, Yoga has remained a ray of hope to stay healthy and mentally fit. Besides, enthusiasm for this ancient Indian regime has been increasing in recent years.

However, people have several queries on what Yoga asanas (poses) and Pranayama they should practise during this pandemic to boost their respiratory system, curb breathing troubles as well as to stabilise their mind.

Odisha Bytes contacted Yoga experts of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, Itishree Nanda and Ganeswar Gochhikar with these questions and asked them to share some Yoga tips for the readers.

Itishree, who is a Yoga teacher and an acupressure and mudra therapist, admitted to the problems faced by the people due to coronavirus and also during the post-recovery period. “Even those not affected with the virus are also going through depression after losing their dear ones or jobs.  People are asking us how to overcome these situations,” she said.


Likewise, Ganeswar Gochhikar, who was a Yoga trainer in Singapore, Jakarta and Vietnam for 10 years, is now giving training in Bhubaneswar. “I returned India in 2019 and pandemic was started in 2020. I am giving Yoga training online now,” he said.

Both the experts shared different Yoga asanas that can be beneficial to health, both physical and mental, during the pandemic. Here are what they recommended:


Bhastrika is an important breathing exercise and particularly beneficial against COVID-19 as the disease affects the lungs, leading to breathing issues.

Bhastrika Pranayama is the process of rapid inhalation and exhalation which gives a boost to the body.

It helps in bronchitis, and other respiratory issues as well.

With favourable effect on the respiratory and lungs, it also helps in the  digestive system of the body.


Anulom-Vilom Pranayama also strengthens the lungs and keeps them safe from diseases. It also calms the mind and relieves mental and physical stress.

In this pandemic time, Anulom-Vilom Pranayama is very helpful as it boosts the respiratory system, said Itishree.

Besides, it will be helpful in maintaining a healthy heart, she added.

Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi Pranayama is also very helpful against asthma problems and other respiratory diseases.

“It improves your concentration and releases tension throughout the body, which is quite necessary in this pandemic time,” said Itishree.

Bhramari Pranayama

It also gives instant relief from tension, anger and anxiety. It is a very effective breathing technique for people suffering from hypertension.

It also helps in improving concentration and memory.


Practising Kapalbhati helps in removing blockages in the heart and lungs. It also increases blood supply to various parts of the body.

“Besides, the COVID related issues, these Pranayamas have various other benefits also. Overall, we feel confident by doing Yoga and Pranayamas regularly. We will come out of stress,” said Ganeswar.

“If we do Yoga for one hour daily, we can feel the effect for the rest of the 23 hours.  Our immunity system will also be high, which is necessary at this point of time. Besides, we can keep our lungs healthy and balance our oxygen level,” said Itishree.

“We should also do some asanas like Bhujanga Asana, Makara Asana, Mandukasana, and Markatasana etc to keep our stomach and lungs helthy,” she added.

“Besides, Yogas and Pranayamas, we should do exercise daily to stay fit. We should maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking good food also,” said both the experts.

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