Pulling Of Rukuna Ratha Stopped Midway. Know Why

Bhubaneswar: Pulling of Rukuna Ratha, the chariot of Lord Lingaraj stopped after the chariot’s rope snapped thrice triggering resentment among the devotees.

The chariot has been stationed near Mukteswar temple.

Some devotees, who gathered to witness the chariot pulling, alleged that use of inferior quality of ropes has resulted in such disturbances.

LINGARAJ CAR FESTIVAL bhubaneswar odisha
Photograph: Ashok Panda

According to sources, the pulling of chariot was scheduled to commence from 4 pm, but it got delayed by around an hour. The chariot was later stopped as the ropes of the 35-feet high chariot snapped for three times.

However, other rituals including Pahandi of Lord Lingaraj were completed on time.

Pulling of chariot will resume from 2 pm on Sunday to reach Mausima temple.

Adequate police personnel were deployed to ensure smooth conduct of the festival.

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