Puri To Host Odisha-Japan Festival On Feb 8-9


Puri: Come February, and Japan will virtually come alive in Puri. Jagannath Stadium in Puri, will turn into mini Japan on February 8-9 during the Odisha-Japan Festival 2020. About 100 Japanese artists, artisans and their associates will fly down from various parts of Japan for the festival.

A collective initiative of the Japan-India Club, Chandra Sekhar Academy & India-Japan Friendship Centre, the festival will be held in the evening on both the days.

The venue will have three platforms made on bamboo sticks as is traditionally done in Japan for fairs.

“These stages will be decorated with over a thousand lights and other colourful Japanese fixtures as well as “Koinobori” or Japanese fish-shaped kites,” said Kunna Dash, promoter of Japan-India Club, Chandra Sekhar Academy & India-Japan Friendship Centres speaking to Asian Community News (ACN) Network. He has been organising this annual event since 2006.

Usually made by drawing the pattern of a fish named “Koi Carp” on a paper or cloth, the Koinobori” or Japanese fish-shaped kites are flown in Japan to celebrate “Kodomo No Hi”  or National Children’s Day on May 5,

The festival will also have Odissi dancers and artisans from Odisha displaying their native food, art and culture for their Japanese counterparts.

“The visitors will enjoy a blend of Japanese and Odia art, culture and food during the festival,” said Dash.

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