Raj Darbar Gets Finishing Touches For Dhanu Jatra In Baragarh From Jan 11

Bargarh: With only a couple of days left for the world’s largest open-air theatre festival, ‘Dhanu Jatra’, all preparations are now in final stages.

The 11-day-long festival slated to be held at Bargarh from January 11 to 21.

Raj Darbar of 120 ft length and 70 ft width for Maharaja Kansa has been constructed at the Hatapada field in the town. It is being decorated to fit the demon king’s stature.

For the entertainment of the people, Ranga Mahal has been constructed at the Nisamani School field here and Nanda Darbar at Ambapali.

To make the Jatra more colourful, a total of 20 gates each of 40 feet high have been erected in Bargarh town at an estimated cost of Rs 8 lakh.

Lakhs of people are expected to flock to Bargarh to witness the Jatra.

“The Dhanu Jatra Mahotsav will be inaugurated on January 11. Raj Darabar is almost complete. Construction of Ranga Mahal and Nanda Darbar is also underway. Colourful gates have been erected in the town. Rehearsals are on at Gopapura and Mathura Nagari are also going on. All preparations are in the final stage,” said a member of Dhanu Jatra Mahotsav Samiti.

The festival is a visual delight with different episodes being depicted frame by frame, beginning with wedding of Kansa’s sister Devaki with Basudev followed by his accession to throne, dethroning his father Ugrasen and concludes with the death of the demon king at the hands of his nephew Lord Krishna.


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