Rare Fungal Infection Detected In COVID-19 Patients

New Delhi: Even as people are anxiously looking forward to COVID-19 vaccine shots in the coming months, doctors in Ahmedabad have detected a rare health condition related to the deadly viral infection.


According to a report in Times Of India, a retina and ocular trauma surgeon from Ahmedabad, Dr Parth Rana detected mucormycosis, a rare fungal infection, in COVID-19 patients and those who have just recovered from the deadly infection.


Mucormycosis is a condition in which the mortality rate is 50%.


Patients suffering from this rare fungal infection have enlarged eyeballs, which apparently seem to bulge out of the eye sockets.


Dr Atul Patel, an Infectious diseases specialist, had earlier warned about the increasing number of COVID-19 cases with a serious infection.


“We have recorded 19 cases of mucormycosis infection in recovered patients in the past three months,” he said.


The doctor stated that poor sugar control, use of high doses of steroids and weak immunity are the reasons behind this infection.


Reportedly, two patients, suffering from mucormycosis have succumbed to the infection and two others have lost their eyesight.

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