Rare Verdict: Court Orders Woman To Pay Alimony To Estranged Husband!

Indore: In a rare verdict, a family court here ordered a woman to pay Rs 5,000 per month as alimony to her estranged husband.

It was the woman who filed a petition demanding spousal support, alleging that her husband harassed her physically and mentally over dowry.

The husband then filed a complaint counter-alleging that the woman had harassed him post their marriage, and demanded alimony. The man claimed that he was unemployed because he had to leave his studies due to the wife.

The man’s lawyer Manish Jharola informed that the court heard both sides and ordered the woman to pay Rs 5,000 per month to her husband.

The court found inconsistencies in the woman’s statement. She first told police she runs a beauty parlour but then submitted to the court that she was unemployed, and it was her husband who was the earner.

According to Jharola, this could be the first case in Madhya Pradesh where a wife has been ordered to pay maintenance to the husband.

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