Rath Yatra: First Lot Of Timber For Chariot Construction Reaches Puri


Puri: A couple of days after Jagannath Temple administration relaxed norms and decided to keep the shrine open on Sundays, the first batch of timber for construction of the chariots for Rath Yatra arrived in Puri on Friday.

According to sources, 22 logs of Asan and Dhaura trees, brought in two trucks from Daspalla forest range in Nayagarh district, have been shifted to the temple.

Three chariots – Taladhwaja for Lord Balabhadra, Nandighosha for Lord Jagannath and Deba Dalana for Goddess Subhadra – are constructed with about 400 cubic metres of timber.

The species used for construction of the chariots are Phasi (Anogeissus accuminata), Dhaura (Anogeissus latifolia), Asan (Terminalia tomentosa), Moi (Lannea corommondalica), Simili ( Bombax ceiba), Sal (Shorea robusta), Kansa (Hymenodictyon orixense), Paladhua (Erythrina indica), Mahalimba (Ailanthus excelsa), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Kadamba (Anthocephalus cadamba), Kalachua (Diospyros sylvatica), Devadaru (Polyalthia longifolia).

This year, the annual sojourn of the Lords will be held on July 12.

Notably, Rath Yatra was held sans devotees due to COVID-19 last year.


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