Rekha’s Journey From ‘A Black Widow’ To ‘Reclusive Diva’ Of Bollywood

Bhubaneswar: The ‘Umrao Jaan’ of Bollywood, Rekha proved her mettle in the industry by ignoring the haters and gliding her way to success.


Life was not a bed of roses for Rekha when she had stepped into the industry. Her heroes called her a ‘namoona, kali kalooti, plump and gauche girl’ who could never survive in the industry.

But, Rekha didn’t let the sexist remarks demoralize her. She broke the glass ceiling and went on to win national awards for her acting.

This is was just the beginning of a harder life for Rekha. Her husband Mukesh Agarwal died by suicide after a few months of their marriage and Rekha was held responsible for it.

She was tagged as the ‘Black Widow and National Vamp’ by media. Her in-laws called her a ‘dayaan’ and cursed her.

Following the witch-hunt, Rekha went into isolation. But, this was not the end.

The actress once again shrugged off her shoulders and returned to the industry with a bang. There was no looking back for her now. The hardships had transformed her into a ‘Reclusive Diva’ of Bollywood.

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