SAI International Celebrates Mother’s Day Online, With Same Vigour & Enthusiasm

Bhubaneswar: Like every year, Mother’s Day was celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm at SAI International on Sunday.

The coronavirus-induced lockdown failed to dampen spirits as SAIoneers of SAI International School, SAI Angan and SAI International Residential School got together to  celebrate and pay tribute to the unconditional love of mothers through the virtual mode.

SAI International used the online Zoom platform as each class from Play Group to Standard XII put up their respective performances online to showcase their love for mothers.

Students of SAI International and School and SAI Angan performed dance sequences, dramas, mono acts, sang songs, delivered speeches and recited poems — all dedicated to the selfless love of mothers.

The music and dance teachers of SAI International played their part in the performances.

Students of SAI International Residential School (SIRS) greeted all he mothers through a welcome song and a welcome dance. The entire programme lasted two hours.

It was a very special Mother’s Day at SAI International this year, considering the tough times the world is going through – one that will be etched in the memory of very member of SAIoneers.


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