Spanish Woman Gangraped In Jharkhand Describes Horror In YouTube Video; What’s Her Message?

New Delhi: A Spanish woman who was allegedly gangraped in Jharkhand last month when she was on a bike tour with her husband, has described her horrific experience in detail in a YouTube video.


But she doesn’t want to discourage anyone from visiting India as such incidents can happen in other countries also.

In the nearly hour-long video, the couple has said that a lot has been said, some of which were true “and others were lies.”

Hence they wanted to “reflect on what really happened.”

The ghastly incident allegedly took place on March 2, when the 28-year-old and her husband were spending the night in a makeshift tent.

It was nothing new to them as the two have visited 67 countries on their bike trip.

The video starts with the couple looking for a spot to camp overnight while crossing Dumka. They were looking to stay at a quiet place, but were soon surrounded by local people who enquired about their plans.

The woman claimed she was raped by seven men, with the video shows one of the alleged perpetrators.

After the description of the incident, the video shows the couple in hospital with bruises on their faces and hands.

“We decided to record everything, as we didn’t really know what was going to happen. If the police were going to take us seriously, if they were going to send us home… we didn’t know,” read a text on the video.

“I think everyone in the world expects me to say ‘Don’t go to India’, but life is far more complicated than that. What happened to me in India could have happened anywhere else. Not so long ago, the same thing happened to a couple travelling in Belize, in Central America,” the woman had told South China Morning Post about the incident.

“My advice to women is to get out of the house, travel and do so without fear. If you are going to camp, it should be in a place not too far from the road where you can easily call for help and have a signal for your phone,” she further said.

The couple left for Spain on March 5 and subsequently resumed bike trips.

The Union Ministry of External Affairs had said after the incident that the matter was under investigation. Jharkhand Police arrested several people and also gave the couple a compensation of Rs 10 lakh.

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