Still Missing: Baby Handed To US Soldier During Kabul Airlift

New Delhi: A video clip of a baby being hoisted over razor wire had gone viral amid the chaotic evacuation of troops and civilians from Kabul airport in August. Well, that baby was later reunited with her parents.

But Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Suraya are not so lucky.

They too had handed over their baby, two-month-old Sohail, to a US soldier, fearing that their child would otherwise get crushed in the melee.

Ahmadi and Suraya thought that once inside the airport, they would be reunited with their baby. They managed to enter the airport after about half-an-hour but, unfortunately, they could not find Sohail.

Ahmadi, who worked as a security guard at the US embassy for 10 years, said a military commander told him that the baby might have been taken to a special area for children. But he did not find him there.

“He walked with me all around the airport to search everywhere,” Ahmadi said, reported Reuters.

Ahmadi, Suraya and their other children were put on an evacuation flight to Qatar, then to Germany and finally to the US. The family is now at Fort Bliss in Texas with other Afghan refugees. But Sohail remains missing.

A US government official said they were doing all they can to trace him.

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