Subramanian Swamy Discloses Motive Behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s Murder

Mumbai: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy took to his Twitter handle on Wednesday to reveal the motive behind the alleged murder of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

According to Swamy, Sushant was a very talented actor and his co-workers in the industry envied him. The people who couldn’t compete with the actor, murdered him to get him out of their way.

The BJP leader further stated that there is a political connection also in SSR’s case. However, he didn’t divulge the details.

“Motive 1 for murder of Sushant is now clear. He was too independent and too talented for the Bollywood cartel to ignore. They could not compete so eliminate him. Rest is Bollywood cinema type alibi. Motive 2 I will state later— it is political but I need more research,” tweeted Swamy.

The veteran stated that a lot of evidence, which was crucial for the investigation in Sushant’s case, has been destroyed, and thus, it will take time for the CBI team to nab the culprits.

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