Sunday Poem: Demons

A silent monster, Pain walks in.

Unmarked, it lingers, feeding

Making homes of persons therein.

An evil force in our hearts residing.


I see the light, it glows like magic,

Yet darkness binds me in shackles,

Closing in on all sides, speaking in tones acerbic,

An army of monsters it assembles.


First comes Jealousy,

Followed by its vile stench.

When man sees another find plenty,

And for him digs many a treacherous trench.


Then comes Anger,

Coloured a nefarious red,

Violence in the mind it administers:

Its results leaving us all in dread.


Hatred now isn’t far behind,

Bringing its arsenal of crimes

It brings out what is most unkind,

Indeed, it is behind all wartimes.


To be crippled by circumstance,

Is most difficult and testing,

A whole life full of struggle perchance

May or may not amount to something.


Pain does our happiness impair,

Must fate always have its way, the mind wonders,

In this world full of agony and despair,

Aren’t we all fighting the same monsters?

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