Sunday Poem: Lost Sunsets

Will you miss me when I am gone?
The soft curve of my wrinkled cheek,
My fragrance at dawn?
Will you recall all the moments
Of our family,
Travel, laughter and song,
Listening to melodies in alien lands?
Or will you frown, reflecting upon my constant need
For perfection, in an imperfect world?

Idealistic, frantic, seeking approval,

Always placing others’ needs, before our own?

Will you miss the moments we missed
As we plodded on, decade by decade?
In the quiet shadow of evensong,
I ask you
Do you miss me while I am still here?
I apologise for all our lost sunsets,
But you owe me too………words, words of faith.

jayashree misra(This is an excerpt from the section Loveless from the poet’s collection ‘Trips and Trials – A Selection of Poems and Songs’ published in 2018)

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