Sunday Poem: Petals Of Orchid Flowers

You are soft and tender

and you bloom round the year

but when you are in full bloom

clinging to the trunks

and branches of the trees

you steal my heart

with your hues of colours

and the arrays of fragrance

like an innocent child

sleeping safely in mother’s lap.

s of your colurful flowers

slowly dancing  to the rhythm

of the cool and gentle breeze

captivating bystanders,

honeybees and the butterflies

none can take their eyes back

as you keep nourishing

their souls and make them

feel special, loved and pure.


Staying away from you

is just impossible for me

as you stand for love and hope

freedom and eternal peace

I thank my stars for  coming

close to you and knowing you

beyond time and space.

You elevate my mood

I forget many of my problems

and as you transform me

you make me happy and joyful

promising me sunshine

for a better tomorrow

to strive for realization of my

innerself and attaining

oneness by immersing

into  the omnipresence.

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