Sunday Quiz With Quizmaster Manas Nayak

If you are regularly following Odishabytes,you will be able to answer most of the questions from the “Sunday Quiz” easily.

There won”t be any Prize Money this edition onward,however the Quiz will continue.Keep enhancing your Knowledge & test your Current Affairs Quotient.

All participants will certainly get a Free E-Book which will be a compilation of all edition questions,at the end of the year 2019.

If you are preparing for any competitive examinations like Banking, Law(CLAT), IAS, OAS, other MBA examinations, this practice will help you a lot to do well in your exams while dealing with GK paper questions.

Here are the questions of this Edition of “Sunday Quiz”. Do send your answers by 9th Nov 2019,11pm at

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1.Name the cyclone that has hit Odisha,West Bengal coastal & majorly Bangladesh recently forcing them to evacuate more than 18 lacs people?

2.Who is Priyanka Behera & why she is in news recently?

3.Which 169 year old conflict has come to an end with the Supreme Court Verdict on 9th Nov,2019?

4.Who is the new Special Resident Commissioner of Odisha Bhawan in New Delhi?

5.When is the World Urbanism Day celebrated?

6.During what specific period,Lord Jaganaath is adorned with Laxminarayan on the first day, followed by Bankachuda Bhesa, Tribikrama Bhesa,Laxminrusingha Bhesa & Rajarajeswar Bhesa.

7.Which Family lost their SPG security & thus was news?

8.Who won the bid to host the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup?

9.Which Senior Judicial officer took oath as a permanent judge of the Orissa High Court last week?

10. Who is the 5T Secy of Odisha Government?

Last Edition Answers:

1.Who has been selected for the prestigious Italian Gold Sand Art Award?
Ans:Sudarshan Patnaik

2.A Public Health Emergency was declared in which city last week due to pollution?

3.Which Odia Indian Economic Service(IES)officer as the Economic Adviser in the ministry of corporate affairs?
Ans:Nandita Misra

4.BCCI banned two Odisha cricketers for fudging their age.Who are they?
Ans:Rajesh Mohanty & Krishna Palai

5.Who is the skipper of Indian Women Hockey Team?
Ans:Rani Rampal

6.Which plant near Rayagada in Odisha is facing nearest villager’s wrath & had clashes with police recently?
Ans:Utkal Alumina

7.Who has extended it’s Rangoli Stamp scheme for the consumers after people went crazy about the Diwali Offer where one can
collect 5 variants of stamps Jhumka,Flower,Diya,Lantern and Rangoli?

Ans: Googlepay

8.Why Israeli software Pegasus software was recently in news?

Ans: It was alleged the BJP govt is spying activities on whatsapp of politicians,activists & journalists through this

9.Which nation’s government pledged to invest 1 billion euros over the next five years on environmentally-friendly urban mobility in India?


10.Which company has agreed to buy Fitbit for USD 2.1 billion in a move giving the US tech giant an entry into the wearable technology space?


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