Supreme Court Says COVID Has Spread Like Wildfire, Calls For More Tests

New Delhi: The Supreme Court observed on Friday that the coronavirus pandemic has spread like wildfire and urged that stern action be taken against those who are violating COVID guidelines and SOPs, irrespective of their position.

“Everybody in the world is suffering one way or the other. It is a world war against COVID-19,” said a Supreme Court bench comprising Justice Ashoke Bhushan, R Subhash Reddy and MR Shah.

The apex court advised that no permission be granted for any celebration as far as possible and also a mechanism should be in place to check the number of people attending such gatherings, Hindustan Times reported.

Places like food courts, eateries, vegetable markets, sabzi mandis, bus stations, railway stations, etc are seeing big gatherings, so more police personnel should be posted at such places, the court opined.

The three-member bench also said there should be more testing with focus on correct facts and figures. “One must be transparent in number of testing and declaring the facts and figures of the persons who are corona positive. Otherwise, the people will be misled and they will be under impression that everything is all right and they will become negligent,” the judges noted.

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