Sutapa Sikdar Retracts Remarks After ‘Confidentiality Breach’ Claim By Sushant’s Doctor, Issues Apology

Irrfan Khan’s widow Sutapa Sikdar has, through her latest post on social media, corrected herself after realizing that a report published in a daily was false and suggested that the concerned doctor should sue the journalist concerned.

Reacting to reports of breach of confidentiality by late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s psychiatrist, Sutapa apologized for lashing out at the doctor based on the report.

“I posted the below update and many of my friends have mentioned that the therapist didn’t divulge the details, hence I am deleting the link. And my apologies to the doctor. But he should definitely sue the journalist then. I wonder why are netizens not reacting to this? It’s not only about Sushant Singh Rajput, it’s also about how callous we can be to get that bit of news.”

Sutapa had expressed her feelings about the article in question about Sushant’s confidential talks with his psychiatrist.

“My heart goes for the girls mentioned in the article. Imagine how many would have trolled Rhea (Chakraborty) by now. We cannot know ever what happens between two individuals, it’s sickening to the core to pass moral judgment on social media. Just anyone gets up today and becomes judge therapist relationship counsellor blah blah blah. And I repeat count your blessings in these tough times than being vicious vultures. There is much more in life to share so get a life!!” an angry Sutapa had written.”

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