Taslima Nasreen Worried After Attack On Salman Rushdie

New Delhi: The attack on ‘Satanic Verses’ author Salman Rushdie has exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen worried too. On Friday, she said she is worried after knowing how Salman Rushdie was stabbed at an event in New York and said if this can happen to Salman Rushdie in the West, then anyone who is critical of Islam can be attacked.

“He had been living in the West and he has been protected since 1989,” the author who fled Bangladesh in 1994 tweeted.

Commenting on the attack on Salman Rushdie, Taslima said, “true Muslims” follow their holy script religiously. “And they attack the critics of Islam. Fake Muslims believe in humanity and they are against violence. We want fake Muslims to grow,” Taslima tweeted.

Taslima Nasreen too faces threats from radical Muslim groups for her novel Lajja. After fleeing Bangladesh, Taslima Nasreen adopted Swedish citizenship and currently lives in New Delhi since 2011.

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