Third Penumbral Lunar Eclipse On July 5; Not To Be Visible From India

New Delhi: Having already witnessed two penumbral lunar eclipses so far in 2020, the third one (Chandra Grahan) is set to take place on Sunday morning.

The third lunar eclipse of the year will be visible much from North and South America and Africa. According to, the moon may become a tad darker than usual during the maximum phase.

The penumbral lunar eclipse will commence at around 8.37 am (India Standard Time) on Sunday and continue till 11.22 am IST. The maximum eclipse will be at 9:59 am and it will continue for approximately two hours and 45 minutes.

However, since it is taking place during the day time, it will not be visible from the Indian sub-continent.

As per NASA, a lunar eclipse takes place when the earth moves between the moon and the sun. The moment this occurs, the earth blocks the sunlight which usually is reflected by the moon. Instead of the light falling onto the moon’s surface, the shadow of earth falls on it.

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