TV Reporter Slaps Herself On Camera; Watch What Happened

New Delhi: In a moment of utter embarrassment, a television journalist was caught slapping herself on live TV in Australia.

The hilarious incident took place in Brisbane, where Andrea Crothers was reporting on floods for ‘The Today Show’.

She was on air when a mosquito landed on Andrea’s face. A video which has gone viral shows her attempting to swat the mosquito away only to hit herself in the face.

“The mozzies are vicious in Queensland,” Andrea wrote while sharing the video of the incident on Instagram.

The video opens with show host Karl Stefanovic saying, “A little funny thing happened today, Andrea Crothers, who is one of our great reporters on the show, has been covering these flood waters in Brisbane, a terrific job.”

“But it’s very muggy up there, wet weather, and along with all those conditions come the awful (bugs, as a sound of mosquitos was played). So here she was, confronted on air during a live report,” he adds, cracking up.

Crothers is then seen slapping herself on the face to shoo away the mosquito. She quickly runs away from the camera.

Watch the entire video here:


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Once the video went viral, Andrea shared another clip of herself reporting live where she can be seen sporting a netted veil to protect herself from any potential encounter with mosquitoes.

“Introducing Nine’s new wardrobe after that mozzie incident,” she wrote, and added that HR has approved her outfit, revealing that she had taken the incident sportingly.


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