UFO In South Korea Sky? Hundreds Call Police

Seoul: Hundreds of South Koreans called up police on Saturday after sighting what they described as a UFO (unidentified flying object).

If not a UFO, scared citizens thought it was a North Korean missile attack, The Mirror reported.

As it emerged, South Korean government was test-firing a rocket, the launch of which had been kept a secret.

The South Korean defence ministry later explained that they had been test-firing a solid-fuelled rocket, The Mirror reported.

Defence ministry officials said that the rocket was part of the military’s efforts to build a space-based surveillance capability and bolster its defences. As for the reason why it hadn’t notified the public about the rocket’s launch in advance, officials said it involved sensitive military security issues.

Social media users shared pictures of a white and red trail which could be seen snaking behind a bright white light in some parts of South Korea’s sky.

Emergency offices and police received hundreds of calls and reports from across the country about a suspicious flying object and mysterious lights.

Earlier this week, South Korea accused North Korea of flying five drones across the border.

South Korea’s failed to shoot down the drones, raising security concerns about its air defence network.

North Korea has conducted a record number of missile tests this year, which has been seen as an escalation by South Korea and the West.

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