‘Unhygienic Habits’ Of Indians Reason Behind Less COVID-19 Cases: Study

New Delhi: India is at the forefront of defeating Coronavirus with the lowest number of infections and mortality rate compared to other countries.


According to a report in DNA, recent research has suggested that the reason behind low rate of infections in the country is the ‘unhygienic habits’ of Indians.


Yes, it may sound weird, but it’s apparently true. The research team has found that the immune system of people in India is strong because of their unhygienic habits.


This strong immunity is helping Indians keep the deadly Coronavirus at bay.


However, the researchers clearly stated that even though exposure to microbes can make the immune system strong, they are not advocating unhygienic habits.


The team added that such habits are only an option that can prevent the spread of COVID-19 by making the immune system strong.


Meanwhile, scientists in the UK have started testing the BCG vaccine to check if it can save people from COVID-19.


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