Union Budget: Here’s What Will Cost You More & Less

New Delhi: The Union Budget for 2019-20 has proposed an increase in the import duty on gold and a hike in the excise duty on petrol and diesel.

Here’s a list of all those items which are set to become expensive and a few which will become cheaper.


1. Petrol
2. Diesel
3. Gold
4. Cigarette
5. Paper for newsprint and magazine
6. Printed books
7. CCTV camera
8. Charger of CCTV camera/IP camera and DVD
9. Stainless steel products
10. Split AC
11. Loud speaker
12. PVC
13.Plastic items
14.Mirrors including rear view mirrors.
15.Windscreen wipers, defrosters and demisters, sealed beam lamp units, other lamps for automobiles


1. Wool fibre, wool tops
2. Naptha
3. Capital goods used for manufacturing of the following electronic items:
*Camera module of mobile phone
*Charger of mobile phone
*Set top box
*Compact camera module
4. Amorphous alloy ribbon
5.Raw materials used in the manufacturing of performa of silica

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