US Crosses China To Become Country With Highest Number Of Positive COVID-19 Cases

The world’s biggest economy now has the highest number of coronavirus positive cases.

The United States on Friday reported 85,594 cases, surpassing China. The country has had 1,300 deaths due to the virus while 1,868 people have recovered.

The number of deaths is, however, lower than China (3,292), Italy (8,215) and Spain (4365).

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that the numbers are a result of the amount of testing that being done. More than 5,22,000 tests have been done and the tests are available in all 50 states, Vice-President Mike Pence said.

Trump, who wants to ease restrictions by mid-April, casted doubt on the numbers coming out of China. “You don’t know what the numbers are in China,” he told reporters.


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