Vladimir Putin Falls Down Stairs, Soils Himself Amid ‘Declining Health’ Reports

Bhubaneswar: Russian President Vladimir Putin soiled himself after tumbling down several stairs at his official residence in Moscow, a Russian Telegram channel named General SVR claimed.

The 70-year-old Russian leader, whose health has visibly deteriorated since he launched his war in Ukraine, reportedly landed on his tailbone after falling down five steps on Wednesday evening. He was helped to a sofa by bodyguards as his doctors rushed to assist him.

The alleged fall led to bruising of his coccyx and also highlighted problems from cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, it claimed.

Since he is suffering from “oncology of the gastrointestinal tract and has already been experiencing serious problems with digestion” – and the fall caused an “involuntary defecation”.

Though medics arrived within moments, they were initially unable to examine him – because he had been rushed to the bathroom to “clean up” after an “involuntary reaction”, the Mirror reported.

A bruise of the coccyx and soft tissues was diagnosed after the examination.

Despite this alleged incident, Putin was able to attend and speak at a young scientists conference in Moscow on Thursday, the report added.

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