[Watch] Bride And Groom Fall Off Swing From 15 Feet At Grand Wedding Event

Raipur: It was a very special day in their lives. But it could easily have turned out to be their biggest nightmare.

A bride and groom fell off an oval-shaped swing when a crane malfunctioned during their elaborate wedding ceremony in Raipur.

A video has gone viral which shows the mishap at a grand marriage ceremony in Chhattisgarh’s capital.

The short viral clip shows the bride and groom standing on the platform of a crown-shaped swing and being elevated from the stage. They greeted guests amid impressive fireworks display and dancers performing on stage.

All of a sudden, the swing came down from around a height of 15 feet, sending the couple tossing on the stage.

The alarmed guests screamed and ran towards the stage to help the couple.

Watch the video which was shared on Twitter:

Fortunately for the couple, they suffered minor injuries and managed to return to the stage about an hour after the accident, timesnownews.com reported.

It was reported that the event management company owned up for the mishap. No complaint was filed against them.

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