[Watch] Israel Envoy Shreds UN Charter After Palestine Membership Vote

New Delhi: Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan shredded the UN Charter at the United Nations General Assembly just before it passed a resolution supporting full membership of Palestine.

The UNGA on Friday voted overwhelmingly for a resolution asking the Security Council to make Palestine, which has UN observer status, a full member. The resolution was passed by a resounding majority of 143 votes in favour including by India while 25 countries abstained, and nine nations, including the United States and Israel, voted against it, news agency ANI reported.

The Israeli envoy Erdan called the resolution a “clear violation” of the UN Charter and said that it subverted the US veto in the Security Council last month. Erdan said he is “holding up the mirror” for General Assembly members while shredding the UN Charter.

“This day will go down in infamy. I want the entire world to remember this moment, this immoral act…today I want to hold up a mirror for you, so you can see what exactly you are inflicting upon the UN Charter with this destructive vote. You are shredding the UN Charter with your own hands,” he said.He also alleged that the resolution opens up the UN for “modern day Nazis” referring to Hamas.

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