[Watch] Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System In Action Against Rocket Strikes

Dubai: Tensions between Israel and Palestine have escalated to a full-blown confrontation, with airstrikes and rockets being fired from both sides. One of the subjects that is trending amid this chaos and devastation is Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, that has shielded the country from rockets launched by Hamas and Palestinian security.

The Iron Dome system is a short-range ground-to-air defence system that can intercept any airborne missile or rocket fired into Israeli airspace.

Jointly developed by Rafale Advanced Defence Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, it “detects, assesses and intercepts incoming artillery such as C-RAM, cruise missiles, precise guided missiles (PGM), UAVs, Air Breathing Threats (ABTs) and dense salvos.”

isreal iron dome

The system, however, has been overwhelmed with the heavy attack from Gaza. An energy pipeline in Israel was hit by a rocket which the Iron Dome failed to intercept.

Rafale has claimed a 90 per cent success rate with over 2,000 interceptions already.

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