[Watch] KRK Demonstrates Sushant’s Suicide By Tying Noose Around His Neck


Mumbai: Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan seems to have outdone Mumbai Police in the investigation of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case.

Controversy’s favourite child KRK recently took to his Instagram handle to demonstrate Sushant’s suicide case by tying a noose around his neck.

KRK made videos of his demonstration and shared it on his Instagram handle. In the videos, he is seen explaining the various aspects of death by suicide.

While demonstrating, he even went to his bedroom and tied a noose around his neck to explain the suicide case in a more detailed manner.

Not just this, KRK went ahead and declared that Sushant didn’t die by suicide, but was murdered.

He captioned his video as: ‘Sushant Singh Rajput death Part 1’ and ‘Sushant Singh Rajput death Part 2.’

Take a look at KRK’s videos here:


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  1. SKB says

    The Truth about Sushant Singh Murder.

    1. Who first mentioned Sushant Singh depression.
    His father. No
    His sister. No
    Him in any interview. No
    Evident from his work. No
    From his physique. Gaining weight. No
    First mentioned by Rhea.
    In media mentioned by Mahesh Bhatt.
    So you can surmise that the depression story was just a cover for their misdeeds

    2. How did the police so soon claim that it was a suicide. I mean the usual response is death due to hanging. But who caused the hanging that can never be clear until the investigation is done. But on the same day, within hours the entire media was talking about depression, suicide and nepotism. It is indeed unbelievable. Even if it was a suicide how can it be due to nepotism. It was again a smokescreen so the real murderers can hide behind the factional wars of star kids and their followers and others.

    3. Why didnt the police seek or investigate the CCTV footage from the building. Why is it being reported that the CCTV had been off since a day before. Meaning someone who has influence over the CCTV room or person could have only orchestrated this. Who better than the servants and Rhea.

    4. Yash Raj Films didnt honor their contract with Sushant but prevented him from working on other movies and also wasted his efforts with a movie Paani and never even started its shooting inspite of signing the actor for it. In anycase Aditya Chopra is an influential and rich person. He can easily manipulate the politicians and police to get someone killed if they know more than they should or have after being exploited by him become a bigger star thereby affecting their credibility in Bollywood. Chopra has been known to do this to others also so it will not be surprising if we find he is the one who conspired with Rhea to get him murdered.

    5. Rhea also worked with YashRaj and was known to Aditya well enough to have such an influence.

    6. Mahesh Bhat produced one of Rhea Chakroborty movies and they have both been found to be romantically involved so it is indeed possible that Mahesh Bhat and Aditya Chopra orchestrated this murder.

    Also to note Mahesh Bhat was involved with Parvin Babi and soon after that she cut herself off completely from the movie industry. A mega actress of her time became suspicious of everyone around her. And Mahesh Bhat was in a relationship with her at the time.

    7. Mahesh Bhat was also involved with Jiah Khan when she committed suicide in 2013 also in suspicious circumstances when her family stated she was murdered and even private investigators found she was murdered. A fake suicide note in a different handwriting was also found written by a person close enough to know few facts about her and only Mahesh Bhat could have been so.

    8. Mahesh Bhat was also a host to the kingpin of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and kept him at his home. Mahesh Bhat father was a muslim and he also has deep connections with the underworld.

    7. Rhea leaves the home on June 8th.
    On June 9th Disha Saliam is also murdered by pushing her from a 11 floor apartment in Mumbai. The murder is being investigated. Earlier it was made to look like she jumped but then when evidence showed she couldn’t have, it was said she fell due to an accident. Disha was the manager of Sushant and also of Rhea earlier.

    8. On June 14th Sushant Singh is killed.

    The duplicate keys of his bedroom are not with the servants or in the house. Surprising ?

    9. The door can be locked by simply changing the knob position and closing the door. So anyone could have locked it after committing the act.

    10. The servants call Sushants sister before opening the door. Not Rhea. Not the police. No neighbors. The sister is called so the servants are seen with more trust.

    11. Sushant supposedly used a green kurta to hang himself. Absolutely incredible. Not a rope. But a kurta. Can someone indeed try killing themselves using a kurta as a rope.

    12. The bodily features of Sushant didnt seem like a person who committed suicide using a rope. He could have been strangled and then places there.

    13. There is no suicide note. This is the most incriminating piece of evidence. Usually in such cases there will be one to avoid harassment of loved ones and sometimes to pin the blame on the perpetrators.

    14. Sushant didnt have shortage of work as mentioned in media. Just 2 film charges of ten crores were enough to last him a lifetime with sound investment. So finances couldn’t have been an issue.

    15. His family clearly stated that Sushant didnt have any financial issue.

    16. The servants created a story of financial hardship. Which servant would do that after the death of their owner. They actually collected their wages few days before perhaps knowing well what was to happen to Sushant.

    17. It was Rhea who leaked the story of taking Sushant to the doctor for depression. Who does such a thing after the death of a loved one. Only someone who is an enemy.

    18. His father mentioned clearly that Sushant was not depressed nor did he use the word to describe his state. Then why did the non family members do so repeatedly in media and in person.

    19. The kurta didnt have Sushants finger prints as would be caused by use of same for suicide. The police should have investigated this before even stating the reason to the media.

    The media was being managed and fake information was being leaked so as to confuse the masses.

    20. Rhea Chakroborty also deleted her social media pics with Sushant few days before his death.m

    21. The death of SSR opens up new movie opportunities for Ranbir Kapoor, the son in law of Mahesh Bhat and who is also working on movies for Yash Raj Films on a movie which Sushant could have worked in.

    22. There was supposedly a party in Sushants home the night before he died as there was one to which Disha was invited and killed. It seems several friends were drinking and Sushant also slept very late due to the same post 3 am based on his last call timing.

    23. Now the only thing telling us Sushant was still alive during this time is the servants words that he got up for juice. If that story is not true then a lot of other things can be possible. Given the secrecy of the police and the incessant media coverage it cannot be denied that financially politically connected party would have caused this death

    We do believe seriously that the death of Sushant Singh was a murder and not suicide and the conspirators included Aditya Chopra, Rhea Chakroborty, Mahesh Bhat and the house servants.

    1. nakshathra says

      vow..fantastic points, exactly what i too have been thinkin. especially the fact tat he had his juice & then went inside room to commit suicide.they claim he called his sister in the morning of june 14th, cant believe if they have distorted the truth. this all seems to b a big coverup but for what is the question.they should interrogate the servants thoroughly. but looks like everyone from police to doctors all r bot by money.

  2. Shanu says

    Wow…this really is amazing facts pointed out here…if the CBI cannot now see for a fact dat he was murdered instead if claiming it as a suicide…den dey need to reassess their skills and knowledge in their career….Most definitely seems like he was murdered in da early hours of dat morning and Rhea and da servants play da pivotal roles in it….no one knows for a fact he was indeed awake to have dat glass of juice as they claim …..Bring his murderer/s to book….he does not deserve being remembered as ending his own life…he was far too strong and intelligent for dat

  3. Taro says

    Everything is so visible yet the police is silent! Media is sharing useless memoirs of other actors with Sushant! No progress in investigation is being reported… so it is easily understood that what will be the conclusion of the case! They started it with declaring SUICIDE DUE TO DEPRESSION & they will end with this false story only! What we understand due to common sense will not be given due weight because the weight of muscle&money is more!!!

  4. Sabina Ahmed says

    About the juice story??? How come forensics didn’t indicate in there report that Shushant did consume some alcohol as being in the party and juice??? Didn’t they find not at all any substance in his body. I feel he was murdered as he slep after the party in his sleep. Because he had a little drink and was tierd, he didn’t manage to fight back.

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