[Watch] Man Builds Mobile Shop On Banana Plant Raft In Assam Floods

New Delhi: Call it survivor’s instinct, creativity or entrepreneurship. A paan shop owner was seen delivering a few essential items on his “mobile” shop amid flood-ravaged Assam.

Dhaneshwar Das has set up a make-shift shop on a raft built with banana plant trunks tied together and has been manoeuvring water-logged streets of Guwahati to help those stranded in their homes. Armed with a big umbrella, Das set up his floating “shop” on the tree raft by fixing a small plastic table on top of it and is using a big bamboo as an oar to make his way through the flooded streets.

Carrying essential items like water and candles along with tamul (betel nut) leaves, Das has been floating on his movable shop in the inundated areas of Rukmini Goan.

Asked what led him to think of this, he told indianexpress.com, “necessity is the mother of invention” adding that he had to resort to this to make ends meet.

For the last week, floods induced by heavy rains have convulsed parts of Guwahati and Rukmini Goan is one such affected locality.

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