(Watch) Tennis Player Adil Kalyanpur Rapping To Put Your Face Mask On

The need to wear a face mask and the reluctance of many people to do so during the coronavirus pandemic has turned Indian tennis player Adil Kalyanpur into a rapper.

His music video, ‘Mask On’, which raises awareness on the need to wear a mask has already gone viral with more than 8,000 views, reported The Deccan Herald.

Twenty-year-old Adil highlights the importance of wearing a mask and how by this simple act one can save lives amid the ongoing pandemic, the report said.

The video was released on his YouTube channel, Adil Kalyanour Tennis Rapper A-KAL on June 28. Beginning with “Yo bro, where’s your mask,” the young tennis player raps about the current state where people have begun to ignore safety measures.

He also raps about the need to maintain social distancing with “go six, go eight feet away from each other” and reminds people to “wash hands, stay home”.

The video shows children playing in a park without their masks on, teens hanging in groups without a mask, or “It’s down by their neck”, which makes the entire purpose of wearing a mask futile, reported Deccan Herald.

Adil Kalyanpur, a professional tennis player, entered the top 1,000 of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) men’s singles rankings two years ago. He currently ranks 624th in the doubles ranking, according to the ATP Tour website, the report added.



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