What Are Ukrainian Girls Doing To Avoid Being Raped By Russian Soldiers?

Kyiv: There have been reports of Russian troops looting stores and sexually abusing women during their invasion of Ukraine.

In a heart-wrenching revelation, an official said that young girls cut their hair short to look less attractive and avoid getting raped by Russian soldiers.

Ivankiv – a town which is 50 miles from Kyiv – was occupied by Russian forces for a month when it came under heavy shelling and bombardment.

Now that the Russians have retreated, deputy mayor Maryna Beschastna narrated the nightmare residents went through.

“Women were pulled out of basements by their hair and abused by Russian soldiers… Girls started cutting their hair short to be less attractive, so no one looks at them anymore,” Maryna said.

She mentioned to ITV News how two sisters, aged 15 and 16 years, were raped in a village.

There were reports of rape from other parts of Ukraine as well.

Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenk claimed that victims of Russian soldiers ranged from 10-year-olds to to young women in their 20s.

A woman in Kyiv was allegedly raped after Russians shot dead her husband even as their four-year-old continued screaming in another room.

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