When Deepika Padukone Broke Up With Siddharth Mallya Over Bill At Dinner Date


Mumbai: Post an ugly break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, actress Deepika Padukone was apparently dating Vijay Mallya’s son, Siddharth Mallya.

The couple was seen exchanging kisses and cuddling together during several IPL matches. However, the relationship didn’t last for long and the duo parted ways.

According to a report in Woman’s Era, Deepika allegedly broke up with Siddharth over the payment of a bill at a dinner date.

Disclosing the reason behind her breakup, Deepika, as quoted by IBT Times, had said, “I tried hard to make the relationship work, but his (Siddharth) behaviour in recent times has been disgusting. The last time we met on a dinner date he asked me to pay the bill. That was so embarrassing for me. I was left with no option but to end this relationship as there was nothing left for me to keep holding on to.”

On the other hand, reacting to Deepika’s statement, Siddharth said, “Deepika is a crazy female. I told her that I’ll return her money once dad clears his debts and the government sets him free but she is just not ready to settle down.”

“She has forgotten the time I gifted her with expensive diamonds, luxurious bags, have spent so much on her vacations and hosted parties for her friends on her behalf,” he added.

Nonetheless, Deepika is now happily married to actor Ranveer Singh.

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