When Macho Man & India Cricket Captain Virat Kohli Cried The Whole Night

New Delhi: India captain Virat Kohli is a tough cricketer who can look every rival in the eye and give him a run for his money on the field of play.

A supremely fit and a highly energetic cricketer, Kohli often comes across as determination personified, who never gives an inch to his opponents.

But even Kohli had to come through moments when he felt completely helpless.

“I felt nothing was working for me when I was not picked for the state team (Delhi) initially… I cried the whole night and asked my coach, why did I not get selected,” he revealed during the course of an online class organised by ‘Unacademy’.

Kohli went on to narrate the challenges he faced before becoming successful, relating it to the novel coronavirus pandemic the world is reeling under currently.

“The one positive out of this crisis is that, we as a society have become more compassionate. We are showing more gratitude to the frontline workers in this war, be it police personnel, doctors or nurses. I hope it stays this way even after we overcome this crisis,” said Kohli.

His wife Anushka Sharma said the pandemic had forced people to care about the basics in life.

“There is a learning in all of this. Nothing happens without a reason. If the frontline workers were not there, we would not have access to basics,” she said.

“This has taught us that no one is special than the other. Health is everything. We are more connected as a society now,” she added.

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