Why Lemon Is So Costly; Netizens Turn To Memes

Bhubaneswar: The humble lemon is in high demand during the searing summer heat to stay dehydrated. But it appears that the summer heat that pushes up the demand for the citrus fruit is also driving up its prices this year across India, including Odisha.

According to reports, the extreme heat that set in in March this year has damaged crops in many lemon-growing zones, sending prices spiralling.

A kilogram of lemon is selling at over three times the prices of a litre of petrol and diesel in many states, priced at over Rs 300 per kg. In Odisha, lemon, selling for Rs 8-10 per piece, has disappeared from most households this year.

Higher transportation cost due to rising diesel prices has also pushed up the prices of lemon.

In Gujarat, a lemon piece costs Rs 18-25. It is selling for around Rs 300 per kg in the wholesale market. In Jodhpur, the retail prices crossed Rs 400 per kg. In Delhi, prices are in the Rs 300-350 bracket. In Pune’s wholesale market, lemon is priced at Rs 5 per piece, and Rs 10-12 per piece in the retail market.

Andhra Pradesh is the largest grower of lemons followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Odisha.

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