Will Govt Frame A Policy For COVID-19 Third Dose Soon?

New Delhi: India will draw its comprehensive policy on the third COVID-19 vaccine dose in the next two to three weeks.

An expert group has been working on formulating a policy document on the third vaccine dose in the country amidst concerns over the new Omicron variant, News 18 quoted government sources as saying.

Questions that will be deliberated while framing the policy

  • Is an additional dose required for immunocompromised people?
  • Is a booster dose required for healthy people?
  • When should a third dose be given?
  • If it is to be given and who should it be administered to?
  • What should the gap between a second and a third dose be?

The additional dose is administered to immuno-compromised people while a booster shot is given to healthy people after a few months of receiving the second dose, the report added.

People whose immune systems are compromised because of illnesses such as cancer or organ transplant are not protected significantly from a standard two-dose vaccination programme. In that case, it’s important to administer the third dose to immunocompromised people before a healthy population.

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