YouTube Removes Carryminati’s Video, Twitter Goes Beserk

The online battle of YouTube vs TikTok has taken a new turn ever since YouTube took down Carryminati’s video on Thursday. Carryminati, one of the most famous Indian YouTubers, with over 16 million subscribers, recorded his most recent video YouTube vs TikTok – The End. Citing violation of ‘terms and services’ YouTube took down this video. This has upset his fans and created an outrage on Twitter with trending hashtags like #justiceforcarry, #carryminati, #bringbackcarrysvideo and #shameonyoutube.



Even Google’s video streaming service chose to remove Minati’s video, which gained 7 million views within a week and doubled his subscribers from 8 to 16 million. 

YouTube, in its updated December 2019 Harassment Policy had stated that “it will not tolerate harassment”. While Carryminati’s video was a targetted dig at TikTok’s self-proclaimed influencer Amir Siddiqui. The latter had earlier claimed in his IGTV video that ‘YouTubers only make content for sympathy’, which was then roasted by Minati line by line using verbal slangs.

The squabble continues as Twitter is flooded with upset fans demanding YouTube bring back his video.  

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