Beat The Heat: Chill At Home This Summer With These Easy To Make ‘Breezers’


Wondering how to beat the heat? Here is a list of drinks that will help you breeze through the summer, especially being stuck at home during the lockdown period, with a chill down your throat.

Let’s get started with the first of cool drink recipes that we have for you:

1) Lemonade — This one is a favourite of most households and is the most classic summer breezer. But don’t get confused with your daily ‘lemon juice’. There’s a tasty trick involved in the making of this drink and we call it a syrup!

Here’s how you can make it:

Add a cup of sugar to one cup of water in a jar, and leave it to boil on low heat. Once the sugar is dissolved and the liquid thickens, add one cup of lemon juice (5-6 lemons).  Well done! Your syrup is ready! Now take it off the heat, let it sit and then transfer it to a jug. Don’t forget to refrigerate it for about 30-40 minutes.

Take the container out, put some add-ons of your choice — mint, black salt or lemon slices — and the drink is ready.

2) Watermelon Juice — This one is for health junkies who love to put fruits into everything.

It’s a very simple recipe as follows:

Refrigerate a watermelon, take it out, cut it into pieces and blend it with some ice. Easy, right? Mix some flavours by adding black pepper salt and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s ready!

3) Iced Tea — Next is your classy and favourite sip-on drink. Tea, in whatever form, is always a top draw. In order to get your best iced latte, follow this recipe to conquer the oppressive heat:

Take 6-7 grams of your favourite tea (or tea bags) per litre of water and let it sit overnight to get the best aroma. If in a hurry, just boil the tea (bags) and cool it down. Add some sugar if you have a sweet tooth or some lemon juice for tangy taste buds. Transfer this magic potion into a cup and fill it with ice-cold water. Add ice-cubes to make it a brain freezer and top it off with mint or fruits. 

4) Lassi — No list of drinks is complete without this Punjabi speciality. A lassi in glass is the way to everyone’s heart.

Make this amazing drink with just three ingredients: 

Crush some ice cubes in a blender, add yoghurt, water and salt or sugar into it. Mix well until it’s smooth. Serve chilled! In case you love anything namkeen, add masala to your drink like bhuna jeera and black salt.

There’s no better way to chill in summers than to chill with a chilled-out drink! Make it without hassles drinks while staying at home and staying safe.

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