Classified Data Of Indian Forces On Sale In Cyber Space; Handiwork Of A ‘Threat Actor’

New Delhi: Hyper-sensitive and classified data of various Indian forces, including the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Border Security Force may be up for sale in cyberspace if a notorious threat actor’s claim is to be believed.

Threat actors can be a group or an individual involved in illegal cyber activities who pose a risk to an institution or a nation.

The group or individual has put 70 documents as ‘samples’ which have been analysed by different agencies working to control, analyse and take action against such leaks, a top official dealing with such leaks told News18.

The report further added that the threat actor has claimed to have data close to 40 GB containing 21,000 documents in more than 60 folders. As a sample, the group or the individual has uploaded close to 11 MB data to look for a buyer. The notorious threat group has prepared 16 sets of secret and classified data of different forces and put it on sale on a forum.

A central agency, which noticed the threat, does not rule out the role of an insider, adding that steps to prevent such leaks have been initiated.

An intimation has been given to all the relevant forces regarding the leak. An alert has also been issued regarding the threat actor (name withheld) who has been targeting Indian security and armed forces.

“This threat actor is notorious for releasing Indian defence data on various platforms,” a top-level government official told News18, while quoting an official communication.

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