Combating COVID-19: Maruti To Make Ventilators & Masks; Hyundai To Import Test Kits

New Delhi: In these unusual times, automakers around the world are stepping up to manufacture ventilators to help curb the novel coronavirus pandemic. First, it was Mahindra which has designed an ambu prototype. Now, it is the country’s largest automaker – Maruti Suzuki.


Maruti in partnership with AgVa Healthcare, an approved ventilator maker, will be helping ramp up the production process for ventilators to reach a volume of 10,000 units per month, a statement from Maruti Suzuki said.

The Central government had recently requested Maruti Chairman RC Bhargava to find out how the company can help in producing critical medical equipment.

While AgVa Healthcare would ensure technology and performance, Maruti Suzuki will use its suppliers and production facilities to scale up the process. Maruti will be not charging AgVa anything for arranging finance, obtaining permissions, approvals, etc.

Krishna Maruti Limited will make 3-ply masks and supply them to the central and Haryana governments.

Bharat Seats will make protective clothing after receiving approvals.

Also on Saturday, South Korean carmaker Hyundai said that it will import advanced COVID-19 testing kits from its homeland. The kits have high accuracy and will help serve over 25,000 people, according to Hyundai.

Hyundai is offering road-side assistance for its customers and has extended warranties and free services for 2 months without any additional charges.

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