COVID-19: 78% Indians Favour Lockdown Extension, Odisha Wants It The Most

Odisha Also Ahead In State-Wise Satisfaction Factor, People In West Bengal The Most Dissatisfied


New Delhi: A survey conducted by Jan Ki Baat found that Odisha has the highest percentage of people favouring the extension of nationwide lockdown, to check the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in India, with 90 per cent supporting the decision.

Haryana has the least number of people (60 per cent) backing the lockdown.

Odisha also leads in state-wise people satisfaction rating during lockdown, with 85% respondents approving the government’s measures. West Bengal is the most dissatisfied state, with only 38% people giving a thumbs-up.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to announce the extension of lockdown, post the three-week period which ends on April 14, when he addresses the nation on Tuesday morning.

It may be recalled some of the states have already announced an extension of lockdown, with Odisha being the first to do so.

To gauge the mood of the nation, Jan Ki Baat conducted a survey between April 6 and April 10. Four thousand people from 16 states were picked randomly, representing the demographic and age profile of the country.

According to the survey, around 78 per cent people across the country want the lockdown to continue. Eighty-two per cent people in urban areas and 74 per cent people in rural areas favour the extension.

Respondents were asked two questions and given three options:

  1. How has been the performance of your state government vis-a-vis COVID-19?a. Satisfactory b. Average c. Unsatisfactory
    2. Do you think lockdown should be extended or not?
    a. Extended b. Not Extended c. Eased

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